Looking for a new hobby? Napoleonic re enactment is a brilliant hobby for all, whether it's something to do on your own, or for you to bring the family along!

No need to worry that you don't have the kit, we can fully kit you out to start with, and you'll be very welcome around our campfire. The French are a fascinating bunch to portray in this period of history!

Interested? Contact us here or on our social media for more information and feel free to ask any questions! Vive l'Empereur!

What roles are there?

Fusilier - The most important part of an infantry regiment is the men that make up the rank and file. Fusiliers are standard line infantrymen that make up the majority of an infantry regiment in the Napoleonic French army. In the 21eme, we do welcome women to join the ranks as a Fusilier so long as they can try their best to look like a bloke!

Women in the French Army - The regiments of Napoleon's French army had women authorised to provide services as sutlers or canteen keepers. Their actual historic function included selling wine and other items to the troops and working in canteens. These ladies were typically called Vivandieres during the First Empire. Other women attached to regiments were washer women, and were called Blanchisseuse.